Wednesday, October 17, 2018

March 31, 2016 – 

Gerber Scientific Products (GSP), a leader in computerized sign making and specialty graphics systems, software, materials and accessories, is proud to introduce Gerber OMEGA™ 6.0: an upgrade which builds on the work- and time-saving design and output applications of earlier OMEGA software releases. One significant new feature is Find My Font Gerber Edition, which helps identify and locate unknown fonts.

Gerber OMEGA software is a complete suite of layout, design, output and conversion tools created specifically for use in the sign and specialty graphics industries. OMEGA integrates these tools with vinyl cutters, the Gerber EDGE® family of thermal printers, and CNC routers.

“OMEGA 6.0 is an important release for new and existing GERBER EDGE customers, as it includes many features that streamline the creative production process,” states Dana Goodale, director of software solutions, for Gerber Technology. “The Find MY Font feature is a huge time-saver and the new ‘APPLY’ button eliminates the tedium of toggling in and out of dialog boxes to view your applied effects.”


Gerber OMEGA 6.0 includes the following enhancements:

  • Find My Font Gerber Edition matches unknown fonts to fonts on your computer, or to an online database of 130,000+ fonts;
  • New apply button allows viewing of Composer design effects while in dialog boxes;
  • Raster-to-vector conversions and decal cut are more accurate and include convenient presets;
  • Create custom patterned vector fills to objects and with fast, efficient rendering;
  • Place logos and images within QR codes;
  • Export larger image files, up to 32,000 pixels;
  • The PLT File Information Extraction Tool extracts design and production information to a CSV file;
  • Many additional features.

Plus, OMEGA 6.0 includes all the popular features of OMEGA 5.0 and other previous releases.


Customers in beta testing have provided enthusiastic feedback to the conveniences and new tools that OMEGA 6.0 offers. Goodale summarizes, “We have a great product update and we’re proud to offer it to our current, or soon to be, loyal customers.”


More information on OMEGA 6.0 can be found on the Gerber Technology website at, or by call 800-222-7446; or contact your local distributor.